Prescription Drug Event Management and Audit

Effectively Manage Your PBM

Although most Plans delegate the responsibility of creating and submitting PDE transactions to their third-party PBM, it is ultimately the Plan’s responsibility to ensure their data’s accuracy.

Plans who use Dynamic’s PDE Management and Audit software modules can confidently attest to the completeness and accuracy of their PDE data, while having the ability to effectively audit what CMS reports as stored vs. what the Plan believes should be stored.


  • Dynamic’s PDE audit tool allows a Plan to ensure their PBM is correctly generating and submitting Prescription Drug Event transactions and not creating financial risk to the Plan.
  • Dynamic’s PDE management tool provides a comprehensive workflow enabling the Plan to manage all the PDE rejects and ensure they are cleared maximizing revenue and reducing compliance risk.
  • Dynamic’s PDE generation tool enables the Plan to take control of creating and submitting the PDEs from the PBM and allows the PBM to stop worrying about the process.

Dynamic’s PDE management software is a comprehensive PDE management toolkit that allows you to avoid discrepancies that can result in regulatory sanctions and penalties.

Our proven technology and Dynamic professional services will do the work for you!

  • Integrated chart audit services: we will provide fully integrated chart audit services where our in-house auditors will leverage our tools to provide an end-to-end solution.
  • Process review and redesign
  • Medicare applications support
  • Custom analysis and reporting support
  • Compliance review
  • Industry briefings and CMS expertise