Join our Webinar Series: Your Medicare Advantage Plan Pain Points Solved!

We’ll address the top four pain points in just six webinars. Learn how to streamline productivity and remain CMS compliant, while maximizing your financial return.

We will showcase a different solution each month which will:

  • Increase your operational efficiency by automating processes.
  • Ensure your CMS compliance by driving accurate CMS submissions resulting in improved risk scores as well as identify GAPs & data leaks, missing HCC Codes improving outcomes resulting in improved CMS ratings for your plan.
  • Provide simple beneficiary premiums and dues billing and management to increase your bottom line.
  • Quickly identify member, special status, and payment discrepancies initiating corrections minimizing any negative impact to your payments from CMS.
  • Offer front-end data integrity validation reducing CMS rejections and increasing the quality of your plan’s submissions.
  • Accurately identify MSP members to ensure your plan correctly pays claims and receives the maximum premiums.

Member Enrollment (5/27/21): Pain Point: Productivity
Let us show you how you can reduce wasted time by using a highly automated solution that utilizes extensive pre-submission validations resulting in simplified enrollment status checking, & highly accurate enrollment processing. We get the timing, language, premium amount, and CMS required language for member correspondence completed accurately, quickly, and best of all without using your labor!

Risk Adjustment & HCC Analytics (6/15/21): Pain Points: Efficiency & Compliance
Are you tired of piecing together different provider solutions for your Risk Adjustment Processing? Does risking CMS penalties for future overpayments keep you up at night? Dynamic’s solution will alleviate your worry. It examines all source data to identify suspect, missing, or incorrectly coded Diagnosis Codes; and uses RAPS Filtering and Under-Filtering Analytics to minimize those penalties.

Premium Billing (7/8/21): Pain Point: Financial
Maintaining a healthy bottom line is the goal of any Health Plan. Efficiency, and especially accuracy, is crucial and with our Premium Billing solution, we have created a true billing system designed around CMS rules and regulations. We will show you how we will successfully manage the premium and dues billing process.

Revenue Reconciliation (8/12/21): Pain Point: Financial
The quick identification of prospective payments and the retrospective adjustment of discrepancies are the cornerstone of your financial health. But is your plan nimble enough? Our Revenue Reconciliation solution will allow you to easily load your membership, bid information, and MMR to quickly identify a member, special status, and payment discrepancies.

EDS (9/9/21): Pain Point: Compliance
We know that submitting claims and encounters is very complex and wrapped with layers and layers of regulatory requirements. And most importantly, errors can impact the rate of acceptance of your items by CMS. We have a clear Encounter Data Processing System solution that manages the entire process allowing for front-end data integrity validation to optimize CMS acceptance while supporting error review and management, claims reporting, statistical analysis, and financial reporting.

MSP/COB (10/14/21): Pain Point: Financial
Medicare Advantage premiums are reduced by more than 80% when a member has secondary coverage. And we know you can’t afford 80%! We can help by providing easy-to-use tools which store critical MSP and COB information at a member level, including imported CMS files. We also send and receive updates manually or through batch file submissions to the COB Contractor (ECRS system). Let us make sure you receive the maximum allowed!