Dynamic Healthcare Systems Offers End-to-End Solution for Medicare Advantage Plans

Comprehensive Solution for Established and Start-up Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Irvine, CA – April 19, 2016 – Dynamic Healthcare Systems has made significant enhancements to its flagship solution, Voyager. This single-source Software-as-a-Service solution empowers health plans to efficiently manage their Medicare Advantage population within the strict regulations of CMS. With the comprehensive Voyager solution, health plans can efficiently enroll members, validate secondary payers, bill premiums, generate all required correspondence including invoices and delinquency letters, submit RAPS and EDPS encounters, perform risk adjustment and HCC analytics, reconcile CMS revenue, perform PDE Audit of the plan’s PBM, and various other operational processes. All of these functions are performed within one user interface and utilize one relational database. The Voyager solution was developed based upon the regulatory requirements mandated by CMS. In order to ensure that Voyager stays current with the ever-changing CMS regulatory requirements, Dynamic attends all CMS call letter conference calls and updates Voyager as necessary to keep pace with regulatory changes.

“Unlike other offerings in the marketplace, Dynamic’s solutions have not been developed through acquisitions of single solutions and then attempted to be pieced together,” said Kathy Feeny, President and CEO of Dynamic Healthcare Systems. “Instead, Dynamic’s solutions are all developed in-house by Dynamic’s Subject Matter Experts. This organic development allows for the industry’s only comprehensive and completely integrated solution.”

Having a fully integrated system enables the automation of processes and the ability to leverage work queues based on skills-based routing. Alerts are triggered and work routed to the right resource with the right skills at the right time. This coordination is crucial to meeting CMS deadlines and detecting revenue issues and other potential discrepancies with CMS. Synchronization found with Dynamic’s end-to-end Voyager solution is not readily possible for plans that utilize a patchwork of systems from a variety of vendors resulting in business silos. Dynamic helps plans break down these silos by allowing all operating units to work together from a single system and a single data source.

About Dynamic Healthcare Systems

Dynamic Healthcare Systems, Inc. delivers comprehensive enterprise software solutions and services for health plans with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Marketplace lines of business striving to succeed amid new and evolving regulatory requirements. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company brings world-class innovations to companies serving the government-regulated healthcare population. For more information visit dynamichealthsys.com or call 949.333.4565.