Dynamic Healthcare Systems Unveils Next Generation Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS)

7-Level HIPAA Compliant Validation, Front-End Encounter Data Authentication, and Enhanced End-to-End Administration Dashboard

Irvine, CA. – February 27, 2015 – Dynamic Healthcare Systems, a provider of enterprise technology solutions for Government-regulated Health Plans, today announced the release of their next generation Voyager EDPS solution. In 2014 alone Dynamic’s EDPS solution processed nearly 20 million encounter transactions while exceeding a 98% acceptance rate.

Dynamic’s EDPS strategy provides Government Health Plans with a horizontally scalable, turn-key solution and professional services. The single source oversight portal allows for front-end data integrity validation to optimize CMS acceptance while supporting error review and management, claims reporting, statistical analysis, and financial reporting.

According to Kathy Feeny, President and Chief Executive Officer for Dynamic Healthcare Systems, the latest advancements made to the Voyager EDPS solution have changed the playing field for EDPS service providers and go beyond just providing technology to support encounter administration.

“Dynamic has been leading the forefront of Government Health Plan administration for over a decade,” says Feeny, “and we recognized early on the importance of accurately measuring and managing risk. Our latest unparalleled accomplishments include end-to-end EDPS integration, comprehensive HIPAA level validation, and an intuitive dashboard of meaningful information to our clients. These advancements all speak to Dynamic’s aptitude and commitment to Government oversight and Health Plan risk mitigation.”

The EDPS contemporary healthcare technology solutions and services enable Health Plan clients to thrive in the evolving Government healthcare market through:

• Complex data management capabilities
• Encounter adjustments, remediation and reconciliation (TA1, 999, 277CA, and MA0-002) solutions
• Submission and timeliness compliance alerts
• Complete “Level 1-7” HIPAA validation algorithms
• Comprehensive dashboard solutions including: EDS rules, error messages, and encounter dispositioning
• DME encounter extraction automation
• Unparalleled Government Health Plan processing, EDI and EDPS industry knowledge

About Dynamic Healthcare Systems
Dynamic Healthcare Systems, Inc. delivers comprehensive enterprise software solutions and services for Medicare Advantage Health Plans, Medicaid, and Exchange markets striving to succeed amid new and evolving regulatory requirements. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company brings world-class innovations to companies serving the Government-regulated healthcare population.