Dynamic Healthcare Systems’ Charts and Projects Module Addresses Health Plans’ Critical Need for Integrated Chart Audit Management for Revenue and Risk Mitigation

The Charts and Projects capabilities embedded within the HCC Analytics solution allow Health Plans to build and track chart retrieval projects.

 Santa Ana, CA – September 13, 2021 – Dynamic Healthcare Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-wide solutions to health plans participating in Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Marketplace programs, announces the enhancement of Dynamic’s Charts and Projects module, integrated within Dynamic’s HCC Analytics solution. The Charts and Projects module enables Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) to correctly document new and missed chart evidence. MAOs can empower their clinical and support staff to build, code, report, track, and assist with chart audit projects, maintaining greater control over their retrospective interventions, submissions, collection, and reporting.

Dynamic’s HCC Analytics solution, with the updated Charts and Projects module, eliminates the need for MAOs to manually manage multiple coding retrieval projects from vendors and streamlines the review of chart data. Instead, MAOs can now focus on analyzing, coding, and measuring information collected from chart collection projects. Dynamic’s Charts and Projects module facilitates the capture of chart coding results and the submission of those results to CMS.

Additionally, the Chart Audit Toolkit (within Charts and Projects) allows MAOs to build and track multiple and simultaneous projects and gives MAOs even greater control over their projects, enhancing the integration of chart audit work utilizing Dynamic’s comprehensive analytic and submission software.

Dynamic’s HCC Analytics solution, with the upgraded Charts and Projects module, equips MAOs to now quickly:

  • Create custom chart audit projects by adding charts related to members and or providers
  • Track and audit previous chart encounter data submitted
  • Monitor the visibility of project status and monitor the progress of any chart capture and coding
  • Record and track results by entering the diagnosis results from an audit
  • Capture of chart coding results and the submission of those results to CMS
  • Reconcile and audit submission files post chart capture and coding for full transparency

 “Through Dynamic’s HCC Analytics solution, clients’ data is pre-audited for completeness and accuracy for increased confidence and compliance in meeting CMS requirements,” said Jim Corbett, Dynamic’s Chief Strategy Officer. Continuing, Corbett elaborated, “With the improvements to the Charts and Projects module, Dynamic is offering the most markedly comprehensive, end-to-end solution in the industry.”

About Dynamic Healthcare Systems

Dynamic Healthcare Systems was founded in 2005 in response to the significant business and system challenges placed on Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) by the enacted Medicare Modernization Act of 2003.

Dynamic provides an end-to-end automated SaaS solution for health plans and provider groups participating in Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Marketplace programs.

Our comprehensive solutions can help Dynamic’s clients optimize revenue and increase the quality of their governmental submissions in an operationally efficient manner that is designed to comply with applicable legal and regulatory obligations.  The analytics, integrated workflows, and queues within a single integrated platform help Dynamic’s clients more effectively manage Enrollment, Premium Billing, Revenue Reconciliation, and Risk Adjustment. For more information, visit dynamichealthsys.com or call 949-333-4565 ext. 125.


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