Dynamic Healthcare Systems Announces Software Enhancements to Support CMS’ 2020 Final Notice on Coding Methodology

Irvine, CA – April 30, 2019 – Dynamic Healthcare Systems, a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to health plans and health systems participating in Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Marketplace programs, today announced enhancements to its solutions to help clients maintain compliance with CMS regulations as changes to the HCC Risk Adjustment Model are made by CMS.

Based on the 2020 Final Notice just released by CMS, Dynamic has added the logic to support and provide analytics for the new Payment Condition Count and has also improved the suspect algorithms and prevalence rating to help with risk stratification. Dynamic has also added additional HCC’s to include Pressure Ulcer and Dementia.
“The recent CMS methodology changes require accurate payment condition counts, as well as the ability to accurately analyze historical data and provide that information to clinicians at the point of care. With the increased clinical focus on the continuity of care and encouraging the accurate reporting of all diagnosis, Dynamic provides our clients with the ability to accurately capture and analyze both member engagement history and the ongoing impact of multiple chronic conditions leading to the payment condition count requirements and deliver that information to the point of care, ” said Deniese M. Crittenden, RN, MSN, MHA, BSW, Senior Consultant with Dynamic Healthcare Systems.

Dynamic’s robust Medicare Advantage suite of integrated solutions provides health plans and health systems with an enterprise-wide platform that enables a strong risk adjustment strategy ensuring maximum and accurate risk-adjusted payments. Dynamic’s integrated software solutions are designed to ensure health plans and health systems meet the complex compliance and data processing requirements that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) establishes, monitors, and enforces. Dynamic’s solutions integrate various sources of health plan and provider data to create a single view of a plan’s membership. This single view facilitates the delivery of high-quality managed care while helping health plans meet compliance and revenue management challenges.

About Dynamic Healthcare Systems
Dynamic Healthcare Systems provides comprehensive solutions to health plans and health systems participating in Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Marketplace programs. Dynamic’s solutions help its clients optimize plan revenue and quality through the utilization of Dynamic’s rich analytics that identify areas for potential improvement, help maintain compliance through ongoing enhancements aligned with CMS regulations, and enhance operational efficiency through fully integrated solution utilizing a centralized database and integrated workflows. For more information, visit dynamichealthsys.com or call 949.333.4565.