Create and Track Risk Adjustment Medicare Chart Retrieval Projects

medicare chart review
The Chart Audit Toolkit allows Plans to manage and monitor their retrospective and prospective risk adjustment programs by leveraging stored data in Voyager in order to build comprehensive interventions. Plans can build, track and reposit multiple and simultaneous individual projects, maintaining greater control over their retrospective interventions.


  • Project Creation — Users can create custom chart audit projects by adding charts related to members and or providers
  • Planning and Scheduling — Assign charts to auditors and vendors, schedule and confirm provider appointments
  • Project Monitoring — Visibility of project status and monitor progress of any program
  • Record and track results for ROI — Auditor either enters the diagnosis results from their audit using the web interface OR upload excel spreadsheets in to the application allowing for ROI reporting by project and RAPS submission
  • Generate Auditor Field Packets — At the touch of a button, auditors can quickly and painlessly create and print auditor packets that contain critical information for going in to the field. Packets include, Provider Chart Pull List with Provider Contact Information; Maps displaying the offices for each provider; and detailed problem and suspect list for each member that will be audited.