Medicare Part C & D

Our fully integrated solution for Medicare Advantage Plans includes functionality for processing election applications, managing premiums, reconciling CMS payments and adjusting and auditing PDE’s.

It comprises four software modules. Each module solves a portion of the overall challenge a Plan has to ensure smooth and compliant management of Medicare
Part C & D.

1) The Voyager Enrollment/Eligibility Module Reduce your costs and maintain compliance by automating your member eligibility verification using the CMS-endorsed and recommended BEQ process. Automate your letter generation, election adjudication (up to 98% adjudication rates) and TRR processing.

2) The Voyager Premium Billing Module This full-featured module integrates up-to-the minute member subsidies and late enrollment penalties and offers complete tracking of prospective and retroactive enrollment actions to provide simple, compliant billing and premium management.

3) The Revenue Reconciliation Module allows a Plan to easily load their membership, bid information and MMR to quickly identify member, special status and payment discrepancies. Enrollment and Special Status discrepancies are captured where corrections can be made to either plan data or appeals to CMS; payment level discrepancies are identified indicating issues with bid information or CMS payment processing errors

4) The PDE Management Module Plans who use Dynamic’s PDE Management and PDE Audit modules can confidently attest to the completeness and accuracy of their PDE data, while having the ability to effectively audit what CMS reports as stored vs. what the Plan believes should be stored.