An add-on module to our Voyager® Medicare Part C solution that administers State and Federal reporting and auditing requirements for Plans who service Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries. The Enrollment and Member Management modules provide the enterprise infrastructure and tools to reduce costs, accelerate revenue and maintain compliance. Additionally, Dynamic provides support for organizations within the states participating in the Dual Demonstrations program.



    • ECRS and COB Processing: Create ECRS submission files and process COB files to ensure accurate Part C and D COB data. Stay in sync with CMS and identify costly discrepancies
    • Complete Member Information: Store and maintain complete member demographic and special status information with start and end dates
    • Integrated Reconciliation: Shared member data between Enrollment and Reconciliation modules provides an integrated view of Plan data changes and corrections
    • Election Data Validations: Improve data quality using online data validation rules and real time U.S. Postal Service address validations
    • Correspondence Management: Generate and retrieve letters for the life of each member
    • BEQ and TRR Processing: Automate actions-based business rules for processing BEQ and TRR transactions
    • Integrated Workflow: Ensure required tasks are assigned and completed through Voyager’s integrated work queues
    • Auto/Facilitated Enrollment Processing: Process auto and facilitated enrollees in Part D plans
    • Reporting: Provides standard and custom reporting for an unlimited view of your business